Who is Fck Yaya?

I’m a Black woman with something to say about many things, but here I focus on women in Hip Hop and other cultural issues related to the entertainment business. I do not limit my opinions to the artists. I have lots to say about the media, DSPs, and those working behind the scenes in the music industry.

Oh, and I believe STAN culture needs to be abolished.


While I don’t take myself too seriously, I do take blackballing, sabotaging, and disrespecting Black women very seriously. As a woman who successfully survived my own blackballing, I want to see all Black women survive unwarranted attacks on their livelihood. While bloggers will attempt to make a coin off destroying someone’s career, I will fight for you until you give me a reason to stop fighting.

My specialty is exposing false narratives and clown sh*t. 

Oh, and for those who just want gossip and rumors, I do that too. #ExposingSeason2021

Self-Proclaimed Lyrical Blogger


For Ads email: Yaya@FckYaya.com

"Even after all my logic and my theory

 I add a muthafcka so you ignant n*ggas hear me" - Lauryn Hill

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