Updated: Jun 4, 2020

Videos and Photos - I'll update as I see fit


Uprising 2020 Photos


#DCProtest - Military helicopters used to hover over protesters. This act is usually used in combat zones to scare away insurgents. This is AMERIKKKA.


Washington, D.C. - Protesters were invited into a home to save them from being abused by police. Police are using the new curfews as an excuse to keep abusing citizens


IG Activists...SMH!


Rolling Ray is out in the streets!


Gay Black Lives Matter


Nicki Minaj Speaks...


Obama Speaks! He is so right about it takes both voting and protest. I hate when people act like they must choose between the two.


Star Brim -



Atlanta - Young M.A. questions cop as to why he pulled over a fan


New York - Youtuber Justin Marcus Protesting


London - London stands with BLM


Minneapolis I-35W - A tanker truck with attempts to run over protesters. No one was reported hit. Driver arrested.

Driver arrested

Bogdan Vechirko


Los Angeles - Native Americans Supporting the Protest


Lizzo Speaks out on the Uprising, using her platform and being a Black woman.


Los Angeles - Kehlani at a BLM Protest


Michael Jordan Speaks...


Atlanta - Mulatto speaks out on being biracial during these times.


Fendi Fact


Everywhere - There are white supremacist/anarchist infiltrating protests in order to cause havoc. You see a non-Black woman spray paint "Down with whitey". Are we in 1970?


Los Angeles - Ray J being Ray J


Denver: When something happens to Black men, Black women always show up and are often shed blood for doing so.


Los Angeles - Ariana Grande was out protesting




These y'all allies???


New York - Call Out It Out!


Cali, I think - Protester hit with a rubber bullet


Fayetteville, NC - J. Cole at a George Floyd protest

Video captured by Miss 2-6 on Twitter


Black Trans Lives Matter


Los Angeles - Actor Kendrick Sampson gets hit with a rubber bullet while protesting.


Newark, NJ - Protesters moving in unity


Oakland - Protesters "go shopping" at the Mercedes-Benz Dealership


San Jose, Ca - Cops attack a protester


This may be Atlanta - Protesters steal mattresses...LOL.


Louisville, KY - Cops shoot pepper balls at media live on camera


Stay alert...



These brothas are protecting BLACK OWNED BUSINESSES!


This is cray...


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