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21 Lil Harold and Latto Drop Music Video For Their Song Muffin (Freak Hoe)


As we wait for Latto to drop an album, she is keeping fans fed with her features. 21 Lil Harold dropped the music video for his song "Muffin (Freak Hoe) featuring Latto from his album "Larry." Go watch the full video on Youtube.

Latto's Verse:

Real freak hoe, I'm cold like a pre-roll

You ain't suckin' right if it don't drip down to your elbow

Time to hit the lotto I ain't talkin' about no casino

I'm not gon fake moan to stroke a shrimp nigga ego

Bitch I pull out demon no satan

I got a street nigga cakin'

Though baby no penetration

He lick the clit then he skatin'

All my nigga got stripe no ?

Got your nigga checkin' out on Melrose

Ratchet long nails with blue tips like the ammo


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03 sept 2021

Lattos wig in the last pic is giving Sheneneh

Me gusta
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