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360 DEAL B

Y'all remember when no one had much to say about a female rapper trying to break her contract because her husband convinced her to jump ship?

Was anyone defending Shaft? He sounds like Carl Crawford. Offset charged Ole Girl...I-Oops!

Also, people keep trying to talk down to Megan over not understanding all the verbiage. But, those are people who probably believe that bad label contracts come with a photo of TLC on the cover and "360" in huge letters on all the pages. No, contracts are written for lawyers to understand and they are boring as hell to read. That is no excuse, but it's human to not understand everything and to be misled by those you trust.

This is a management contract.

Most people just sign them hoping for the best. Again this is no excuse, but so many people are jumping on their high horses.

No one cared about Ole Girl willingly signing a contract she no longer wanted to honor. I know that part of the reason Megan is getting so much slack is that she is an intelligent Black girl. They want to "humble" her. Well, I want to point out hypocrisy.

I can't wait for the new Cadillac Record's artists to start reviewing their contracts.

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