I couldn't tell if Lil Wayne had 50 Cent on Young Money Radio or if 50 Cent had Lil Wayne on Young Money Radio. 50 Cent ran his mouth, and Lil Wayne could barely get a word in, but it was fascinating as fck. 50 Cent was not dull at all. He spoke about so much sh*t LOL.

While talking about the success of Cash Money to Young Money, Fiddy brought up Nicki Minaj. 50 Cent said, "I love me some Nicki. This n*gga actually happens to come from my neighborhood. Happens to be a girl, but that n*gga!" He and Lil Wayne start to laugh as I do too. 50 Cent continues, "That nigga tough! Like I'm

telling you." Lil Wayne replies, "You know I know." Fiddy goes on, "She harder than the n*ggas she fck with. She an Alpha-Female." Lil Wayne repeated, "Alpha-Female" as he is laughed and took a hit off his blunt. In the words of Nicki Minaj, "THIS IS LEGENDARY!"

Did I not tell you mofos that Nicki Minaj is an Alpha-Female, and now you got two rap legends acknowledging that she "leads the pack so her backs to them." Nicki really needs to appreciate these moments because not many female rappers get spoken about the way she does among male rappers. They know she is a force to be reckoned with. Nicki also needs to realize there is no sympathy for winners. So if she wants sympathy...START LOSING!


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