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The R&B artists are pissed. I was so into the Hip Hop nominations, I didn't really pay attention to their categories yet. Well...I have to keep saying this. Artist need to care about the Grammys before the nomination time.


The problem that Deborah Dugan was brought on to help fix is still a problem. While women were represented in Hip Hop, R&B got the shaft it looks likes. Improve some places, drop it in others.

Teyana Taylor says the Best R&B album category looks like the "BEST MALE R&B ALBUM" cause all I see is d*ck in this category...bwhahahahaahaha.

No award show will ever be perfect, but the Grammys really need to lift up that rug.


Nicki Minaj decided to remind people that she did not win Best New Artists when she was nominated...

For such a great rapper, I hate how Nicki articulates herself when it comes to her behind the scene issues. First, I feel like her timing is often off. Second, did she not win the Grammy due to sexism or blackballing? The first is something that all the women are dealing with and why I started off this post speaking about Deborah Dugan and how the Grammys is still sweeping shit under the rug.

The second is specific to her and obviously, something that heated up in 2017-2018, which by the way she refuses to name names or even do a rap where she sheds some light on shit. I refuse to believe that white Grammy guy was behind the 2018 mess. I know it was someone in Hip Hop. Help us, help you is all I keep repeating in my head.

I have a feeling the doc won't shed much light on the situation either. Oh well...

UPDATED: 11/24

Pee of QC is upset that not everyone was into Lil Baby the way Everyday Struggle is. He acts like Lil Baby wasn't nominated at all. He made about Da Baby lol. I couldn't finish the album, so I'm ain't mad. I like Lil Baby, but as a rapper, he needs to improve and all this coddling will have him like a female rapper Pee is familiar with.

UPDATED: 11/24

Justin Bieber wants his R&B respect...

The type of R&B Justin Bieber does is not Grammy worthy. So, if he is willing to not be nominated then Ok. However, if he is not willing to go without being nominated and thinks his album should jump in front of way better R&B albums because he "tried"... sit down.

I will also say that this does go into the problem that labels are having with automatically putting white artists in Pop Music and Black artists in Urban. Drake has spoken his frustration with making Pop music and always being nominated in rap categories.

It's that time of year again, where people who claimed not to care about the Grammys pray they are nominated.

As we know, the Grammys have a brand problem that they attempted to fix by appointing their first woman president, Deborah Dugan. Dugan's hire was in response to the low representation of women at the 2018 Grammys and former president Neil Portnow's comments telling women to "step up."

In May 2019, Duga was hired. It only took the Recording Academy 5 months to oust their first female CEO and replace her with a man. Allegation of award tampering, sexual assault, and hostile work environment was all swept under the rug, and that brings us here...

THE NOMINEES ARE...(Not Full List)


"Don't Start Now" - Dualipa

"Say So" - Doja Cat

"Everything I Wanted" - Billie Eilish

"Black Parade" - Beyonce

"Colors" - Black Pumas Music

"Rockstar" - Da Baby feat. Roddy Ricch

"Circles" - Post Malone

"Savage" - Megan Thee Stallion feat. Beyonce


Folklore - Taylor Swift

Future Nostalgia - Dualipa

Chilombo - Jhene Aiko

Black Pumas Deluxe - Black Pumas

Everyday LIfe - Coldplay

Djesse Vol. 3 - Jacob Collier

Woman In Music Pt.III - Haim The Band

Hollywood's Bleeding - Post Malone


"Don't Start Now" - Dualipa

"Cardigan" - Taylor Swift

"Black Parade" - Beyonce

"The Box" - Roddy Ricch

"I Can't Breathe" - H.E.R.

"Circles" - Post Malone

"If The World Was Ending" - Julia Michaels & JP Saxe

"Everything I Wanted" - Billie Eilish


Doja Cat

Megan Thee Stallion

Ingrid Andress

Phoebe Bridgers


D Smoke



"The Bigger Picture" - Lil Baby

"The Box" - Roddy Ricch

"Laugh Now Cry Later" - Drake feat. Lil Durk

"Rockstar" - Da Baby feat. Roddy Ricch

"Savage" - Megan Thee Stallion feat. Beyonce


"Brown Skin Girl" - Beyonce

"Life Is Good" - Future Feat. Drake

"Lockdown" - Anderson Paak

"Adore You" - Harry Styles

"Goliath" - Woodkid


Alfredo - Freddie Gibbs

Black Habits - D Smoke

A Written Testimony - Jay Electronica

King's Disease - Nas

The Allegory - Royce 59


"Highest In The Room" - Travis Scott

"Laugh Now, Cry Later" - Drake feat. Lil Durk

"Rockstar" - Da Baby feat. Roddy Ricch

"Lockdown" - Anderson Paak

"The Box" - Roddy Ricch


"Dior" - Pop Smoke

"Deep Reverence" - Big Sean and Nipsey

"Bop" - Da Baby

"The Bigger Picture" - Lil Baby

"Savage" - Megan Thee Stallion feat. Beyonce

There are also the R&B categories....


I am happy with the nominations. Doja Cat, Megan, Da Baby, Roddy Ricch, Pop Smoke, Chika, etc all deserved their nominations.

I think Drake was just given nominations...

But, I want to speak on The Best New Artists Noms. In my "Female Rap Will Not Survive On Hypersexuality Alone" piece I spoke about wanting diversity on that mainstream level. You see how Doja Cat, Megan, and Chika are all nominated in the same category. THIS IS WHAT I WAS I WAS SAYING FEMALE RAP NEEDED.

All of these girls do not cater to the same female audience. This is where a real debate can actually happen. All are very talented and use their talents in different ways. I would be happy if any one of them won.

Trevor Noah will be the host of the 63rd Grammys which airs on January 31st, 2021.

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