6ix9ine Calls Out Cardi B After Her Tweet References Attack On Girlfriend Jade and Sister Baddie Gi

BREAKING NEWS: Negrita on Negrita Crime Has Spiked in New York

What is going on? The new Blacks are fighting...🥴

Today has been so busy for me, so I need y'all to catch me up on why Cardi B tweeted, "I can't wait till shit is over so I can tell my part of shit. Mothfuckers really ran with the I send Nikkas to touch bitches shit for too long." She then followed that tweet up telling, a cult follower that she has "receipts." Those so-called "receipts" were not good enough for her to avoid charges.

I saw that Baddie Gi allegedly responded to Cardi B, and we know 6ix9ine had to add his 2 cents in by reminding everyone of what Cardi B had to do to survive, AKA pay for studio time. It's funny that 6ix9ine is bringing up Cardi's past of robbing and drugging men because I was thinking about her story of struggle while going over her interview with Mariah Carey. She told the head lamb that she was making up to $10K a week. Um...I do not consider that struggling so bad that you gotta put people's lives at risk so you can go yell into a microphone.

Baddie Gi's response was perfect, "It's the audacity for me."

I need y'all to let me know what/who started this mess?


Some of y'all know that was keeping track of Star Brim's case and speculated that Cardi B was a target in the Feds' investigation. Both were charged but at different levels. In the Feds press release, I noticed it said, "Bush recorded the assault on his cell phone, and the video was sent to the gang member on behalf of whom Repass allegedly ordered the attack."

Now, which gang member would Star Brim order an attack on Baddie Gi and Jade for? Who would care about some bartenders so much that they wanted these girls attacked twice because the first one wasn't brutal enough???

I'm not one to gossip, but...

I think there is some canary work going on with Star Brim and Cardi B; that is probably why both will escape any real punishment and why we don't see no "back talk" when it comes to 6ix9ine.