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6ix9ine Is Predicted To Sell 100K Less Than Originally Reported. Here We Go Again.

I just posted the other day in shock at the sales predictions for 6ix9ine's album "Tattletale" being at 150K. Today, HDD, posted that in fact, the sales predictions for 69 are actually between 40K-50K. That is a huge difference. So, what happened that made the initial prediction so wrong? I have no clue cause HDD did not explain sh*t lol.

Nav of Hip Hop N' More gave his opinion on what might have happened:

What do y'all think happened?


69 posted this two days ago...


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I heard they removed Trollz sales because they considered that cheating since it was purchased months ago and not during this week. If that’s true, I wonder will that remain consistent for all artists?


Fck Yaya
Fck Yaya
Sep 07, 2020

As 6ix9ine whines about being blackballed; his bestie Akademiks was celebrating being put on a playlist on Spotify for his solo song.

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