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We all know that Hip Hop media is at an all time low. Over the years many rappers have complained about how DJs have conducted their interviews. Nicki Minaj famously called out the Breakfast Club on air for not doing their research, YBN Cordae & Namir both had the same issues with Ebro not knowing who they were, Joyner Lucas recently got into with Rosenberg over him allegedly texting during their interview, and Logic said he will just skip The Breakfast Club on his song "clickbait".

Megan Thee Stallion got a taste of what it's like dealing with an unprofessional DJ, during her interview at 97.5 JAMZ in Birmingham, AL. The radio show host (name still unknown) asked Megan where was her mother and that he thought she would bring her. Now unless you're living under a rock, everyone in Hip Hop knows that Megan recently lost her mother. That is the reason she postponed her upcoming album, Fever. For this DJ to not know this, is CLOWN SHIT! This is why rappers don't do much press when they get big. Watching this broke my heart and pissed me off at the same time. This DJ is just another poor example of what many artists have to deal with when trying to promote themselves.


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