Activist Tamika Mallory Speaks Out About The Megan Thee Stallion Shooting

Tamika Mallor Says She Read Court Transcripts And It Is Clear Megan Thee Stallion Was Sot


Activist Tamika Mallory has spoken out about the shooting of Megan Thee Stallion. I will let y'all read what she had to say, but I just want to highlight that one foot STILL HAS BULLET FRAGMENTS. So, all y'all screaming about lost bullet fragments, maybe, Meg can have another surgery to get out some more fragments to match back to the gun to make y'all happy.

Tory is playing a reasonable doubt game; that is why he keeps stalling. However, I don't know how smart he is playing it since he does not act like an innocent man who has been framed. Instead, Daystar acts like a man who shot Megan but plans to get away with it. He also seems to enjoy being infamous.

I don't know what sparked Tamika to speak out now, but better late than never.


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