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Actress Patina Miller, Respectfully, Checks 50 Cent Over Taraji P. Henson Shade


This nigga 50 Cent...

Fiddy, who seems to have only one marketing plan, decided to lift actress Patina Miller, who plays Raquel "Raq" Thomas on Raising Kanan, by taking a shot at Empire's Cookie played by Taraji P. Henson. He wrote, "you know i don't miss nothing @patinamiller knocking cookie shit out the box. Empire who, how, where? LOL#bransoncognac#lecheminduroi."

Now, only men and "pick me bitches" would view that as a compliment rather than the trap it actually is. But, since Patina is neither, she saw it for what it was and respectfully responded, "Normally I wouldn't

Patina Miller responds to 50 cent's shade towards Taraji P Henson

comment, but i feel its necessary…both of these characters are strong af. I love that queen and look up to her! I do think both characters can co-exist and one doesn't have to be "better" than the other…Lift them both up!! Thank you for your support always @50cent."

Now, one would think that would be the end of it, and everyone can go enjoy their Tuesday. However, 50 Cent's ego got bruised, and he tried cleaning up his compliment by flipping what he originally meant and being childish at the end. I felt like DaBaby wrote his response, "👀did she just say that? 😆@patinamiller, I'm the only one comparing you and @tarajiphenson to make people see you that way. Taraji crazy-ass put in a lot of work; it takes a lot of time to get in the hearts and minds of an audience like that. 🤔you over there on some ✊🏾black women power shit 🤦‍♂️smh LOL WTF 🤷🏽‍♂️ #bransoncognac#lecheminduroi."

Men get so threatened when their manipulation through "compliments" doesn't work, LOL. 50 Cent is too scared to do a Verzuz Battle but trying to start a beef between two talented Black actresses for ratings...Pffftttt.


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