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This sh*t is getting good.

I did watch Everyday Struggle when they spoke on the Megan situation. Akademiks is predictable because when a woman is involved he going to side with the man and be very pessimistic. He is pushing the Roc Nation "poaching" narrative. That is the same narrative that Drake's boy and Carl Crawford are also pushing.

Now, I do not think "poaching" is above Roc Nation, but I also do believe that Jay Z is very concerned about optics. Wayno explained that there would be an issue if Roc Nation signed Megan to management and to their label. It would be a conflict of interest. But it's not like conflict of interest arrangments don't exist. Look at Blueface. Blueface is signed to Cash Money West, which is run by Wack 100. Wack 100 is also his manager.

Now considering the image hit that Jay Z took over the NFL deal, I don't see them trying to sign Megan to their label. I could see Roc Nation trying to guide Megan to a label that benefits them. It better not be Dream Chasers lol. Naw, that would be a major conflict. After all this mess, obviously Megan is probably going to try to get off the label and fck a renegotiation. How could you expect her to stay there after the allegations she made.


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