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This Saturday, Nelly and Ludacris are participating in a #Verzuz battles put on by Swizz Beatz & Timbaland. Now, I must of let the shea butter and incense from the Jill Scott vs Erykah Badu battle discombobulate my mind because I thought Nelly vs Ludacris would be a friendly battle. I don't remember them having a beef. But, what I don't remember don't make sh*t a reality.

Today, Ali of the St. Lunatic took to his Instagram to call out Ludacris for biting off Nelly for years. He took the time to post "receipts" and even included a clip of Megan's favorite rapper, Pimp C, diss'n Luda. He said he never liked Ludacris and always thought he was a clown. Ali says these are his feelings and not necessarily the feelings of Nelly and the other Lunatics. Ya'll judge for yourselves.




Ali claims Luda started using farm animals because of Nelly...LOL!


Nelly did a country song...


Pimp C dissed Ludacris when he talked about being a cartoon on your album cover.



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May 15, 2020

Well, the receipts are definitely convincing. My only question is, why in the hell did he wait so long before calling out Ludacris? At this point that shit is ancient. It would've been nice if they put an address on it back when the shit was happening. I do understand not wanting people to bite off your style, but I never even noticed until now when it was pointed out.

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