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Are We Getting Music From The Holy Trinity In 2021?

Holy Trinity Alert!


Today on the first day of 2021, all of The Holy Trinity has posted something for fans. Not 1/3 or 2/3...ALL THREE. I think we are getting a project from all of them in 2021 or at least I'm going to manifest it, LOL.

Below are my unverified, totally random thoughts as to why I think The Holy Trinity is giving us hints about their next projects.




Beyonce posted on her website a message to her "Beyhive." She also posted a video that read "BeeHive," which is causing a lil drama on social media. That is reserved for another person...I-Oops.

Is it new for Beyonce to acknowledge her STANs? There was some drama in Nov 2019 over her pronouncing "B-Hive" as "Bey-Hive," and a podcast said that she hasn't ever really acknowledged them, so it was an unexpected moment.

Now, if she has been acknowledging them, then cancel what I am about to say.

I wonder if she is mentioning the Beyhive because we are getting a BEYONCE ALBUM this year. No more soundtracks or projects with Jay-Z. An actual album! So, she wants to make sure she has her diehards still with her. I am sure she has heard the chatter about her fall off.

Speaking of albums...


"But can you really rap or..."



It would be a complete shock to everyone if Nicki Minaj did not drop an album this year. She announced she has a documentary coming out on HBO Max, so it seems an album would be released to compliment the doc.

Nicki Minaj, like The Father Beyonce, is up posting on this beautiful Jan. 1st. This is not that shocking because even with her constant social media breaks, she is probably still the most active on Instagram

and Twitter out of The Holy Trinity. However, lately, she seems to be sending cryptic messages to invisible foes.

Nicki posted two songs off her Queen album on Instagram Stories, "Hard White" and "LLC." She then posted a video of her playing "LLC" with the caption, "But can you really rap or..." 🤭

Both tracks are known for the shots she sends at other female rappers.

Nicki also tweeted and then deleted, "We need a tmr real quick." I think she meant to include "talk" in the sentence, and probably why she deleted it.

So, while Beyonce may be giving out hints about an album coming, Nicki may be giving hints on her next project's tone. NM5 may be messy.




Speaking of sending shots...Rihanna decided to post something that is not Fenty related. She posted the above photos with the caption, "New Year's resolution: apply the pressure."

The Navy has been PRESSURING her to release music, so she will finally do it. That's all I got. She has made way more money off the mic than she has on, and she has the awards, stats, etc. She also doesn't strike me as someone who needs music in her life to feel fulfilled, so...🤷🏽‍♀️


UPDATE - 1/1 at 5:54 PM PST


Below is my favorite explanation of The Holy Trinity:


The Father, Beyoncé: Adversaries of the Beyhive often sarcastically remark that Beyoncé fans worship

her in a fashion similar to the way Christians praise God. This comparison has not been lost on me as someone attempting to define her role within the Holy Trinity. Beyoncé is the Alpha and the Omega when it comes to contemporary Black women performers breaking barriers and doing it on their own terms. Speaking from a purely genealogical standpoint, Beyoncé set a standard of Black girl excellence in music that allowed for the careers of Rihanna and Nicki Minaj. Beyoncé’s mega stardom, combined with her intentional personal ambiguity leave her contributions unquestioned and almost mythical. She is omnipresent, appearing via reference and/or association even when we can’t physically see or hear her. She is a concept, a feeling, a force of energy that many of us attempt to revel in on a regular basis. And her performances? Miracles. Beyoncé is the reason that many of us keep faith in Black girl artists.

The Son, Nicki Minaj: Nicki’s role in the Trinity is ironic given that one of her signature taglines is: “all you

bitches is my sons.” But it remains true nevertheless that Nicki Minaj is the god sent messenger. While the power of Black girl freedom has always been among us via Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj is willing to do the dirty work of sharing and recruiting. From her wild costumes, to her alter egos, to her body that is consistently read as excessive, Nicki Minaj has always been willing to go against the grain (especially as a rapper in an industry that has been predefined by a specific masculinity) in order to demonstrate the power of Black Girl brilliance. Minaj’s supporters follow her fully expecting to accompany her to the promised land, to transcend the material limitations on Black women as exhibited in mass media. Her consistent collaborations with Bey lend her a certain amount of credibility that she’s headed in the right direction, but she is not afforded the same protections that respectability lends Beyoncé. Minaj is consistently sacrificed by the industry despite her important message.

The Holy Spirit, Rihanna: Rihanna is the epitome of carefree Black girl, a powerful position to hold in an

industry steeped in misogynoir. She is undiscerning and unpredictable in unleashing that power. Where Nicki Minaj will clearly articulate to millions of Twitter followers how Black women are undervalued in white dominated industries, Rihanna will simply rock a doobie wrap to a fancy event that has been neutralized by whiteness. While Beyoncé gracefully rests on the Forbes list, Rihanna yells “bitch better have my money!” If that isn’t a personification of a Black Girl Holy Ghost at work, I’m not sure what is. Rihanna is less concerned with identifying or articulating a certain kind of feminism or alignment with Black women’s deliverance than she is acting in the spirit of said salvation. Rih’s contributions aren’t always physically evident but they always lead us in the right direction. Rihanna represents the ways we can let Black Girl Liberation work through us.


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Jan 02, 2021

Solo Beyoncé is very much needed. “Invisible Foes” nai just some old scores she needs to settle and hopefully it’s not tooo messy. Not asking for an album from Rihanna but a few cute singles would be nice.


Jan 02, 2021

Since we're talking about music, Nicki said that the "memories" tweet she made back in june/July is indeed a song. I hope Bey do leave Jay behind. As far as Rhi, I'm not that interested in music from her.

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