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Are You Still Black?


Clubhouse has too many "Topic Hustlers." I coined that phrase to describe people who start topics and take a stance they don't honestly believe in just to get their room poppin. Basically, do what Youtubers do every day.

Well, yesterday, things spiraled out of control over the topic of biracials not being Black. Now, this is not a new discussion. It has been going on for at least a good 2 years or more. I have sat in many of them, but never one where people were confusing themselves as they made up who is and not Black, LOL.

The room started off regular degular with the premise that if you do not have two Black parents, you are biracial and therefore should not call yourself "Black." Ok, that is normal, but the room kept making up so many rules and removing people from being Black that I left. But, when I returned hours later, I found out that I am no longer Black, LOL.

The rule they had created was that all of your grandparents needed to be Black, which means they could not come from a non-Black person or a biracial for YOU to call yourself Black. If you are ADOS, you see where that can become a problem. You could tell that even the people who were supporting this bullshit were confused as others questioned them. The rabbit hole they dove down to end up where they ended was too deep...LOL.

Also, the person who was the leader of this mess is the same person who was confused a couple of weeks ago when someone told him that Cardi B was not Black. This is what I am talking about being a "Topic Hustler" because you can't argue that Beyonce and Ryan Destiny are not Black, but Cardi B is. Now, in this conversation, he did admit that Cardi is not Black, which further proves my point about this guy. When the facts have not changed, and you switch up your stance so quickly is just someone trying us.

Anyways, I want to know who still qualifies as Black under these Clubhouse rules that all of your grandparents must be only Black?


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