Ari Lennox went on IG Live to express her pain and disappointment with how Black men speak about Black women. This was a recurring theme in 2019, and I pray this is not an issue in 2020. Ari Lennox, Teyana Taylor, etc should not constantly have to deal with disrespect because some boy wants some "like."


My 2 Cents:

We as Black women have got to teach Black men how to treat us, again. The public disrespect is getting out of hand. I can only imagine how bad it is in private for some of you ladies.

I remember in high school how the boys loved calling girls "bitch." No need to tell them your name, cause your name, was now "bitch." One day a girl asked me why don't the boys call me a bitch. My reply, "Because I don't answer." I could practically see the light bulb pop over her head lol. My point is that asshole Black men (not the cool brothas), will publicly disrespect you because they feel you won't demand to be treated any other way.



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