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Ariana Grande, Megan Thee Stallion, and Doja Cat Team Up for 34 + 35 Remix

UPDATE: 1/15 2:23 AM PST


First, I had to listen to the original song because I had never actually heard the full track. After listening to the remix, I would agree with the tweet below. The verses are Ok, but Doja and Meg have definitely given better. I wish Doja had not mentioned that clown. I can see his ass trying to troll tomorrow.

This was a typical Pop remix where they slap a rapper, in this case, two rappers, on a song and call it a day. This remix did not offer anything new, interesting, or elevate the song. Oh and I think something was off with Meg's vocals. Like a mixing error.

With that said, I hope the Pop fans liked it and push it to #1.



This is not a drill!

The official cover art for Ariana Grande's "34 + 35 Remix" has dropped. To no surprise to anyone, Megan Thee Stallion and Doja Cat are on the track.

Doja Cat's collab with Saweetie, Best Friend, is the #1 added song to Rhythm Radio and Megan has the Cry Baby video dropping real soon. So, both ladies are trying to dominate the charts early this year, at least before Drake drops.


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