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Asian Doll is being accused of trying to finesse artist, Bryonna Hollins AKA Bougie Bratt, out of $47 over the "Da Doll Collection" logo. C'mon Asian Doll...

Yesterday Asian Doll revealing the logo for her new cosmetic line, Da Doll Collection. I posted the logo

and noticed there were these "Bratt" watermarks on the artwork. I was not a fan of that element, but did not think much of it since Asian Doll does call herself "Asian Da Brat." I thought it was just a bad design choice. Fast forward to today, I learn that the girl who created the logo, Bougie Bratt, is accusing Asian Doll of not paying her for the logo in full before posting it on social media. That is why the logo Asian Doll tweeted has those watermarks that actually says, " Bougie Bratt." Asian Doll does not have access to the original artwork files. According to their deal, Asian paid half upfront and then was to complete the payment once the logo was completed/accepted. After seeing that Asian Doll posted the artwork to Twitter and called it her "official logo," Bryonna wanted to get the rest of her money. Bougie Bratt kept messaging Asian Doll without a response until she took her complaint to social media.


Asian Doll went on Instagram Live to address the claims.



What would this blog be if I did not share my opinion lol? PAY HER ASIAN DOLL!

This is not about the amount of money involved, it's about if you do good business or bad business. I don't care if you owe me a penny; it's my fck'n penny. I will cam up like Caresha and be like, "Hi, this is Fck Yaya broadcasting live from Baller Alert, and I want my fck'n penny."

Do I think that Asian Doll was trying to finesse this girl, no. I just think she is not organized. STOP DOING

BUSINESS IN THE DMs. Don't have your business messages next to the "let me see your tits" messages. Create a business e-mail and have somebody over that so important messages don't get lost. Just like Asian Doll is trying to build her business, so is Bryonna.

Also, Asian Doll now says she does not want the logo, and so she doesn't have to pay. BAD BUSINESS! Bryonna already did the work, and it was already posted with watermarks and all. You can't then get mad and refuse to honor your verbal contract. Everyone wants to be a business owner until it's time to handle business.


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Jul 23, 2020

If Asian doesn't change that damn battery in that smoke detector out. I can't concentrate on anything she's saying because of the annoying chirping. But, nevermind her response, pay that girl her money!

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