Asian Doll and Omeretta Got Some New Music Coming And Reason She "Leaked" Bia's Nunnadet Sh*t Verse


It looks like Asian Doll and Omeretta got some music coming. I never thought of them doing a track together, but it might work.


Speaking of Asian Doll, as we all know, the Bia and Nicki Minaj "Whole Lotta Money" collab leaked earlier today. I did not post it because Nicki may decide to switch that bitch up before the drop, so I will wait. But, after the leak, people immediately started talking about Asian Doll. While many were clown'n her for not securing a Nicki feature yet, it struck me that this was probably the real reason Asian Doll decided to make a show out of Bia not being on her "Nunnadet Shit" remix.

Nicki Minaj and Bia Whole Lotta money remix leaked

Asian Doll probably knew about this Nicki feature and was in her feelings and decided to act out the same way she did in the past. I did not believe that bullshit that she just wanted people to hear how Bia "Killed It." She wanted Bia linked to her remix.

Anyways, I hear Asian's fans are upset, and now team Cardi...LOL.


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