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Asian Doll has always been outspoken when it comes to colorism within Hip Hop, so I was not shocked when I saw that she was speaking out again. This time Asian Doll was calling out light-skinned Black girls who are posting "Black Lives Matter," but who have no problem bullying dark skin, Black girls. In one of her tweets, she says, "Light skin bitches way evil & jealous of dark skin girls then the white folks, but that's a different racist topic !!!"

Credit for Above Tweets: East Feed

I'm guessing that comparing light-skinned Black girls to white folks is where she lost a lot of people and why the backlash may have come. I've definitely seen her speak on these issues better. Once Asian Doll spoke up about colorism within the framework of Black Lives Matter and not just Hip Hop, her post probably got the attention of folks unfamiliar with her. This is why she needed to be clear in her messaging. You only get one shot to make a first impression. These are also sensitive times, and saying a group of Black people are worse than our oppressor just is not going to sit right with people.

Asian Doll did delete her tweets but did respond to the backlash on her Instagram page.


Mariahlynn must have a song to promote because she decided to inject herself into this mess. There is a reason I specifically wrote: "light-skinned Black girls" because I did not want "others" who were just light-skinned to feel they had space in this conversation. I take a break from writing and see MariahLynn leaped her ass into something that has nothing to do with her again. MariahLynn is Latino, not white. She's another Fat Joe. That is why you see her always where she should not be. She feels entitled. NY niggas really got these Latinos feeling themselves. Black & Brown, Black & Brown, Black & ass.


Anyways, I feel like Asian Doll's wording overshadowed her point. Asian Doll was speaking on some real sh*t from a hurt place IMO. Influencer Aaliyah Jay took to Twitter to defend Asian Doll.



People tried and failed...


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