Asian Doll Reveals Who Is and Isn't On Her All-Girl Remix To "Nunnadet Sh*t"

Asian Doll has finally revealed who is on the remix to her song "Nunnadet Sh*t." The all-girl remix will feature Dreezy, Dreamdoll, Ivorian Doll, and Rubi Rose. I'm calling it - Dreamdoll and Dreezy battling for best verse! The track drops on July 12th.

Sidenote: Is the red eyes to show they are high???? It does not look good.

I love you Bia I know how much you wanted to be apart & how sad you is but Business is business & ima always be here ganggggg ima still leak your verse lol.

Asian Doll, for whatever reason, also felt the need to expose that Bia did not make the cut. According to Asian, "business is business." That's ironic coming from her, and that post shows she is still missing one crucial part of business...don't annoy your peers.

Anyways, Asian Doll then went and posted Bia's verse that DID NOT make the cut. I think Bia sounds good, so I am curious as to why she didn't make it. I don't want to hear no misused STAN quotes as the reason. Since Asian obviously wants us talking about Bia not making the remix instead of the girls who made it. Let's get into it then.

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