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August Alsina posted a message on his Instagram that appears to be a response to the backlash he is getting for being a "chatty patty" to some. It does not seem to be at Jada Pinkett-Smith, IMO. But, it's this type of sh*t that stops me from doing too much speculating before I hear Jada's response. This jibba-jabba raw like Shabba talk leaves too much room for interpretation. Y'all know there are blogs/fans who will start plugging in the many holes with what they want to believe. I am rooting for August, but he may turn out to be his own worst enemy.



I been meaning to speak on this, so why not now. When August spoke about talking to Will Smith, he told Angela Yee, "I actually sat down with Will and had a conversation due to the transformation from their marriage to life partnership, which they spoke on several times. NOT INVOLVING ROMANTICISM, he gave me his blessing. HUH??? That part confused me. Who was not involved in "romanticism"??? If he is speaking on Will and Jada, that doesn't make sense and if he is speaking on himself and Jada, that supports the response publications said Jada gave about Will not giving his blessing.

I posted that Jada never denied the affair, just that Will Smith did not bless it. I don't know, but that part of the interview just stuck out to me, after I posted about it on here.


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