Azealia Banks Says Nicki Minaj Is Too Thirsty For Street Cred


Azealia Banks is back to running her mouth, but this time, she is speaking the truth about Twitter addict Nicki Minaj. If you have not noticed, Nicki has caught a case of the Twitter fingers where she sits around shading her competition and desperately promoting "We Go Up."

Well, Azealia had something to say about Twitter Barbie, and it was more of a constructive critique than her usual dragging. One thing she pointed out is just how boring Nicki is on Twitter. I have to agree. Nicki comes off like someone who has nothing to do all day, including not preparing for an Essence Fest performance. So, Azealia suggested maybe she can find funny memes, LOL.

However, the most important thing Azealia shared was Nicki's refusal to re-invent. Um...haven't I been talking about a rebrand since 2018? She called Nicki out for being too "thirsty" for "street cred." Also, Nicki's pandering to men who "bullied her for outperforming them in their own league."

Basically, it's sad to see how Nicki has dimmed her light and shrunk herself just to be accepted by men.

Azealia did not lie when she posted this message. Of course, Nicki will probably be right back on Twitter today, looking a damn fool.


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