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Bardi Gang Cries A River to Cupcakke and Yung Baby Tate

Bardi gang harass cupcakke


Bardi Gang and the obsession with Cupcakke and other female rappers continue. I don't get why they don't accept that Ole Girl has ghostwriters, and even if she does write more now, it's below average. This tactic used by STANs to smear other female rappers because they can't accept the truth about the fave is growing old.

I am laughing😂 that this person thought this was worth writing and actually @'d Cupcakke and Yung Baby Tate, LOL. It took so much audacity to write this, "I would also like to call out female rappers in general who Cardi continuously supports til this day by giving them career-changing opportunities..."😂😂😂😂😂

It's not just Bardi gang, but the logic that STANs use to make their arguments in favor of their faves is so fck'n funny to me. I can't stop laughing thinking of the person pounding their keyboards writing that shit.

Leave the girls alone unless you really want your fave to go bar for bar with someone.


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