Choreographer Jaquel Knight created his own version of Verzuz, but for dancers called Battlez. These

"Battlez" will help raise money for a dancers' relief fund. Last night, the first battle was Jaquel vs Parris Goebel. They went head to head with their most iconic dance moves.

Jaquel is known for being the mastermind behind Beyonce's "Single Ladies" and "Beychella." Parris choreographed the Super Bowl LIV show with J. Lo. You can watch future "Battlez" on IG Live.

I'm pissed I missed this. However, for all you dancers out there, tonight these two are teaching their iconic dance moves to those who are interested. It does cost, but remember the money goes to a dancers' relief fund. The info is on the flyer below.

Let me know if any of you attend!

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