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Bay Area Twitter Tries To Drag Saweetie For Claiming The Bay During E-40 and Too Short Verzuz Battle

Last night was a Bay Area celebration on Verzuz with E-40 vs. Too Short. In the past, there has been drama surrounding Verzuz, but usually, it's between the artists battling. This time it involved an artist who was just trying to enjoy the show.

Saweetie was getting her Bay Area credentials checked last night, LOL. Saweetie has claimed to be from Elk Grove (not in the Bay), and Hayward (Bay area) found herself being attacked by Bay Area Twitter.

What surprised me was that Saweetie actually clapped back at her haters.

Saweetie is not the first Bay Area native to be questioned about her roots. Rapper Kamaiyah tried to imply that singer Kehlani was not for Oakland during their beef.


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