Behind The Scenes Footage: Latto Rehearsing For Upcoming "777" Tour


Latto posted footage of her rehearsing for the upcoming "777" tour, with opening acts Saucy Santana and Kali. The shows Latto rapping a never heard before song off her new album dropping March 25th. It sounds like one of those intro songs created to set the tone for the whole album. Let me find out Latto just entered "The Best Hip Hop Intro" debate.

Latto already revealed the artwork, and next, we should be getting the features list.

Latto Reveals Artwork For New Album "777." The Album Has Hit Song "Big Energy" and "Wheelie."

I really like how Latto is rolling out her album. She is coming off likable in the interviews and keeping the focus on her music. She has a hot Pop song on the radio while still feeding her core frap fans with songs like "Wheelie." In addition, she is supporting the album with a tour, which will automatically provide more buzz for the project. Oh, and she got that Big Energy Remix still coming that could land her in the Top 10 on Billboard.

Y'all think I am playing when I say Latto is one to watch. This race for the crown is getting interesting, with some girls scared to drop and others only dropping promo songs.


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