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Benny The Butcher Shot In Leg At Houston Walmart

As reported last night, rapper Benny The Butcher was shot at a Houston Walmart. Today, a photo was posted of him and he doing OK.



What is going on in Texas?

TMuthafcknZ reported that on Saturday, Griselda Records rapper Benny The Butcher was shot in the leg during an attempted robbery at a Houston Walmart.

According to the report, Benny The Butcher was in Houston and went to Walmart with friends. While in the parking lot, 5 guys pulled up next to the vehicle Benny was in and pulled out guns. The suspects demand Benny and all his friends take off their chains. Allegedly, Benny was moving too slow, so one of the suspects shot Benny The Butcher in the leg, which caused all the suspects to flee the scene.

Benny The Butcher and his friends left the scene but then eventually pulled over to call the cops. Benny was taken to the hospital for treatment. His current condition is unknown.

The robbery suspects are still at large.


As many of you may recall, Boosie was just shot in Dallas on the same day while at a strip mall. Boosie was allegedly hit in the leg. This just days after his protege, MO3, was killed on a Dallas freeway.


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*The internet investigators are having a busy week...if they are still investigating shootings.

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Nov 16, 2020

There must be something in the damn water over in Texas.

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