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Beyonce Gets Double #1s As Both Her Album, "Renaissance," and Single "Break My Soul" Soar To #1


When Beyonce went Blackity-Black-Black on us, some said she would never have another Hot 100 #1 song or sell a certain amount of records again. But, yesterday, Queen Bey proved me wrong.

On Beyonce Monday, she reaped the reward for the risk she took with "Renaissance." While Drake bored

us all with his version of dance music, Beyonce was able to unite us all on the ballroom floor under her big ass disco ball, despite attempts by some to ruin the moment.

"Renaissance" is not only the #1 album on Billboard's Hot 200 chart, with 335K (197K pure sales) first-week sales, but Beyonce's "Break My Soul" is the #1 song on the Hot 100 charts.

Beyonce with double #1s. On top of that, all of the songs off the album charted.

Beyonce celebrated by posting a video and a "Thank You" note to the Beyhive.

Beyonce Writes "Thank You" Letter To Beyhive After Album and Single Goes #1 On Billboard.


Beyonce also updated a ton of her music on RIAA. It looks like "Halo" and "Single Ladies" is about to go Diamond.


Speak, Heart, Share...Thanks!

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