Updated: Dec 22, 2020

I warned y'all that I would really dig into the toxic STAN culture that has infected, invaded, leached onto female rap. Since a specific group has decided to STAN me and are always trying to force me to speak negatively about female rappers, particularly one, I think topics will fall into my lap, LOL.

There are ArbzBay in my Twitter mentions whining about that I am biased when it comes to this Asian Doll vs. City Girls beef. They believe that the ONLY reason I am not siding with Asian Doll is that she went against Megan Thee Stallion. Now mind you, this group whines to me about Megan more than I post about Megan. They also never really show much support for any other female rapper unless they think they can weaponize that girl against their fabricated enemy of the month. All female rappers should use caution in accepting their rent-a-support.

Let me say, I still like Asian Doll. However, I feel she threw Megan Thee Stallion under the bus because

she was frustrated over whatever. Megan is currently going through a smear campaign. Asian Doll knows that blogs and STANs are at her neck. As a friend, why would she go on Instagram Live and mumble about not knowing why she was left off Bad and Boujee?

On top of that, Megan was just asking her fans which song should she do the video for, and DIOTT was an option. Now, if she picked that song, instigators will be whining about, "I like Asian Doll's version better." Trying to sabotage a possible song rollout? Thank Gawwwd, "Cry Baby" was winning anyway.

What Asian Doll did is similar to what Tory Lanez did to Nicki Minaj when he spoke about Nicki taking back her verse on Big Boy's show. According to Tory, "Memories Don't Die," so l hope no one got amnesia.

Tory Lanez disses Nicki Minaj

In October 2018, Big Boy was instigating and asked Tory Lanez about the lost Nicki Minaj verse. Even though this was old news and already addressed, they got into it. Tory told his side with the Nicki Minaj imitation voice included. He then brought up how Nicki was willing to change her verse for Quavo, but not him because maybe the relationship was different.

Now mind you, this interview was during the worst of the Nicki "Hate Train." Quavo had dropped that trash album with that extra trash song "Quavo Dreams" two weeks prior. Lebron James was laughing at Nicki. She was being disrespected by men all over social media. I know y'all remember the album release party.

That is why the question was asked to keep the BS going about Nicki and Quavo. That is why Tory felt he could be shady because he knew the spot Nicki Minaj was in during that time.

Now, Tory Lanez had every right to speak about his music and his experience with Nicki Minaj, but the way he did it, during the time he did it and with the was foul to me.

As I remember, Nicki's fans didn't like it either. Now they love him. I wonder why???

Asian Doll and Tory Lanez spoke on people that they probably wouldn't have if not for them being targeted at the time. The only difference is that Asian Doll is/was Megan's friend. Tory did not owe Nicki Minaj shit but some courtesy for her even considering his bum ass, IMO.