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Big Latto AKA Mulatto Talks Nicki Collab, Renni Rucci "Beef," and 21 Savage Rumors

Big Latto AKA Mulatto interviewed with The Morning Hustle, where she spoke about potentially collaborating with Nicki Minaj, Beef with Renni Rucci, and 21 Savage rumors.



When asked who she wants to collaborate with, Mulatto named Nicki Minaj again. Big Latto said she wants her collab with Nicki to make a statement, "I feel like when me and Nicki do a song, I want it to be some bar for bar shit, like some old school shit. I don't want it to be like what they gonna expect, like some summer twerk anthem." The person she would want to produce the track is Jetson, Southside, or Metro.



Latto said you gotta pay her to respond and added, "I'm cool with bitches who put "Big" in front of their name and, Renni was one of them. So, I feel like if you didn't have any underlying pressure with me already, you would know I wasn't even talking to you. If you know we supposed to be cool, why would you think I'm talking to you."



"NO, NO, NO...GIRL." They wanna figure it out so bad.


What are y'all thoughts on anything Big Latto had to say?


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