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Billboard in the middle of the year had an epiphany, and it wasn't to go to Tiffany. They decided to change the rules to their Hot 100 and 200 Charts. The rules affect album BUNDLES with merchandise and concert tickets, as well as digital sales that come attached with those cool vinyl records. Which reminds me, where the fck is my "Savage" Remix vinyl?

When it comes to bundles, along with the January rule changes, now Billboard has ELIMINATED the practice of counting albums bundled with merchandise and concert tickets on its album and song charts...PERIOD. Billboard admitted that the January changes fell short of the intended goal, so they

created the "6ix9ine rule." I'm sure it did not help that Tekashi claims he bought a #1 in a feeble attempt to expose the industry. I'm not sure how fans purchasing a song is "buying a #1." That is how they did it when I was a kid...but we know 6ix9ine is an idiot. It is now harder for blackballed artists to rank high on the charts, which is the real intent of these rule changes.

In addition to that rule change, Billboard is no longer allowing digital sales to be bundled with vinyl, CDs, Tapes, etc. This eliminates the "spontaneous" purchase of an item that is not yet manufactured to be sold in order to boost sales. Only when the vinyl or whatever is shipped will it count. These rules are two years too late. I know Travis Scott is pissed.

Per Billboard:

Billboard is implementing these changes to address widespread concerns that an accurate measure of consumer intent -- which has been the basis of the Billboard charts since their inception -- is being undermined by increasingly-common bundling practices. The new guidelines will better ensure that Billboard chart rankings more accurately reflect the conscious purchasing decisions of consumers and level the playing field for all artists.

I find Billboard's concern about being "accurate" to be a DAMN LIE! These changes are to stick it to 6ix9ine

and to uphold the Blackballing of artists. If they wanted to address "widespread concern," then where is the adjustment to how radio is counted? It just so happens that after Carl Chery tweets about bundle changes, we get a bundle change? It just happens that after people complain about 6ix9ine using bundles to get his #1 song, we get bundle changes. Even though I think Nicki Minaj fans just bought the song. Well, let me not say that, because the next rule change will be "NO MORE BUYING MUSIC!" Artists' only options will be to kiss the ring of playlist curators and radio DJs or perish.

I'm not against the rules being changes, but if the reason behind the changes are not about accurate charts, but instead to uphold corruption, then fck it.



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