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Billboard Launches New Billboard Global 200 Charts

Billboard Charts are a Scam.

Billboard has announced there will be more transparent...SIKE!

Today, Billboard launched two more unnecessary charts that they can freely manipulate. The newest weekly charts, Billboard Global 200, and Billboard Global Excl. U.S. will only be based on streams and download sales from over 200 territories; radio is excluded. Billboard claims these charts will give an "accurate glimpse" of the most popular songs on the planet. "How, Sway?"

They got the audacity to use the word "accurate," the same week they allegedly manipulated their Top 200 album charts? Like the other 489034302 Billboard charts, these new charts will only let us know which artists Billboard wants to be on top globally. Excuse me if I don't give a fck about your opinion, Billboard.

I also find it interesting that Billboard claims fans will get an "accurate glimpse" of the most popular songs while excluding radio. Why is it "accurate" to exclude radio from the global charts and not from the U.S. charts?

All I see is that Rolling Stone's Charts making them scared.




Billboard will be getting their data using their own MRC Data, which is Nielsen. Billboard and Nielsen are under the same parent company, Valence Media, since last year. So, Billboard can do whatever it wants with the data without fear of being exposed unless an employee turns whistleblower.

Can y'all guess who is number 1 on these new charts...

There are questions about how some artists rank high on their U.S. charts, so why wouldn't we have the same issues with these global charts??? Shouldn't Billboard fix their current problem instead of adding more and more unreliable charts, if they all about being the authority in music charts?



I have been telling y'all that Billboard is a P.R. agent; it doesn't give a sh*t about charts. I suspect that Billboard uses their music charts, editorials, and reputation as an authority in music as a front for what they currently do, which is help place industry plants. It's no different from when the public sees a nice family-owned restaurant or laundry mat in the front of a business, but a brothel or illegal gambling operation is going on in the back.

I do not believe that Billboard's industry role is about its charts or boring ass editorial. Speaking of editorials, does anyone actually read Billboard stories that are not chart related? Damn, they are boring. Even when they have a good idea to write about, which is rare, they make that sh*t unreadable. They did a story on the Black women behind the "Blackout Tuesday," and I couldn't finish it. So, I know they don't put much effort into their articles, because it's not about the content. It's all a front, AKA the influence. If you follow Billboard's social media, they report on a specific artist multiple times a day. If not directly, then they try to fit this artist into the stories of other artists. It's ridiculous.

On the flip side, there is Rolling Stone, who is in the same business as Billboard. They report on multiple artists throughout the day and do not try to force-feed one artist to you. They have impressive articles. The piece I wrote, "Pop Stars To Fans, N*ggers To The Music Industry," was inspired by an article by Rolling Stone. I am not saying RS doesn't have its own flaws; I am just pointing out the differences between them and how Billboard operates.


This is my opinion of Billboard after watching how they move for 2 years. I reserve the right to be wrong, but only time will tell. These new charts are just another tool for Billboard to promote the artists they are backing.


*Industry plant: An artists with more industry support than organic fan support


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J La
J La

Ughhh how convenient. A new chart for one person. They really are such a joke.

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