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Steve Stoute Speaks On The History Billboard Has Of Manipulating Their Charts To Control Who Goes #1


Steve Stoute was recently on The Breakfast Club, where he spoke on the history of Billboard manipulating their charts to stop rap from dominating the top 40.

"It was a period where sales, the formula was for sales, and then all of a sudden rap records were selling like crazy. But that meant that if the top 40 charts if they just used sales heavy, then all of a sudden Juvenile would have been #1. They're like, wait a minute, we can't do that because if Juvenile is #1 and John Cougar Mellencamp is #10. All of the deals that we have because of Billboard charts, like there was a guy named Casey Kasem who used to do America's Top, he would have to say Juvenile #1 "Back That Thang Up," and it was everywhere."

Billboard then changed their formula to be more about radio play.

Does that not sound like what happened after "Trollz" went #1? Billboard did not like the results, so they changed their formula for the 48309739373 time.

Oh, when I figure out these deals that Steve Stoute is talking about, Billboard's ass is grass, and you can call me lawnmower Yaya.


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