The Billboard top 5 albums have been revealed via Chart Data.

Roddy Ricch is holding the BEST-coast AKA the West Coast down. His album "Please Excuse Me for Being Antisocial" will debut at #1 on Billboard's Hot 200. His album sold 101K. This is his first #1 album. CONGRATS @RoddyRicch

The Who grabs the #2 spot on Billboard's Hot 200 with 89K in sales. This is the result of other genres respecting their legends. Congrats!

Camila Cabello comes in at #3 with her album "Romance." She sold 86K with 54K in pure sales. Her pure sales count for 63% of her sales. That is very good. Congrats!

Post Malone just won't go away. His album, "Hollywood is Bleeding" takes the #4 spot with 66K in sales. He has already sold over 1.7M copies of this album.

XXXtenacion is #5 with 65K sales of "Bad Vibes Forever" 16K pure sales.

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