Instead of trying to involve a dead Black woman in a rap beef, let's uplift Black women during Black History Month.


Elaine Brown, born March 2, 1943, is a prison activist, writer, singer, and former Black Panther chairwoman. She is the first and last woman to lead the BPP. Elaine Brown lives in Oakland, Ca.

Let me tell a personal story. Elaine's book, A Taste of Power, changed MY LIFE. I read it while in school and it motivated me, it inspired me, it made feel like as a Black woman I can do anything. It's part of the reason I am so fearless when it comes to standing up for what I feel is right.

I remember I had just finished reading her book when I found out she was giving a lecturer. She was my Beyonce, I had to see her. The problem was, I also had a math test. My ass marked all "C" on that test, ran out of school, and caught the bus to see her. GOD was looking out for a sistah because the spot was filled except for one seat in the FRONT! I got to look Elaine Brown in the eyes. BLACK POWER!



#BlackHistoryMonth #BlackPantherParty #BPP

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