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Black TikTokers Refuse To Create Dance To Megan Thee Stallion's Hit Song "Thot Sh*t"

The yts won't be able to do this one, LOL


Megan Thee Stallion, again, has one of the hottest songs of the summer, so where are the viral TikTok dances? The lack of a viral dance to Meg's "Thot Shit" is not by accident. Many Black TikTok creators have decided to skip creating a dance to Megan's hit song to draw awareness of white TikTokers stealing and profiting off their dances, while giving people a glimpse of what the app would look like without Black creators. It's scary y'all.

The result of this experiment, as some are calling it, is actually hilarious. Even though Megan is clearly giving instructions on what to do, "hand on my knees, shake'n ass on my thot shit," the yts just don't seem to know what to do without Black content creators showing them. Many of them have chosen to wave their arm back and forth or hop around, which has led to hilarious conversations on Twitter. Check out the hashtag #BlackTiktokStrike .

I fully support this strike. Too many of my fave TikTokers have become frustrated with the mistreatment and no longer have the joy they used to have.


Just a reminder for Tiktokers that Megan's choreographer, JaQuel Knight, started a company that allows dance creators to copyright their dance moves. Black creators need to take advantage of this opportunity.


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