When Black women say there is a war on us, we are not lying. That does not mean there is not a war

on other groups, for those who can't stand to hear Black women speak up for themselves, but what I and others are saying is FACTS! Look at what Black women have been in the news for lately. A little Black girl calling herself ugly, Meghan Markle being called trash, a gang of Black boys attacking a Black girl, etc.

This is why Red Table Talk with Snoop Dogg was a waste. They could have gone so much deeper, but we all know that Snoop wasn't there because he really had changed, that was a PR move. Jada wants to feel like she is going deep without going deep.

From little Black girls in school to a Black Princesses, we are being attacked and then vilified when we speak up about. The "pick me" bitches are out in force. I hope those Scooby snacks and pats on the ass are worth it...NOT!

I don't consider myself a feminist or womanist, but these mofos turning me into one lol. I'm over it.


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