Why Boosie and Future Fear Women Like Lori Harvey


Lori Harvey trended over the weekend after 42 Dugg leaked Future's entire verse from "Maybach," where Pluto took shots at Lori and Michael B. Jordan. In autotune, Future cries, "Tell Steve Harvey, I don't want her /Must've forgot to tell her daddy she begged me not to leave ... She didn't have a choice but to go fck a lame after me / Realest nigga hit the twat she damn near OD."

This verse did not have the overall reaction that I think Future was expecting. Future had us looking at him like, "you gonna cry in this Phantom or that Nissan?"


Future's shot at Lori Harvey comes a couple of months after Boosie made headlines over him gossiping about her rumored "Body Count." Boosie's overreaction to how Lori Harvey lives her life, which is not in your face or boastful, was very telling as to why she and women like her strike so much fear in men, especially those within Hip Hop.


Revisiting Boosie's Bullshit


When Justin LaBoy and Justin Combs interviewed Boosie on their Revolt TV show "Respectfully Justin."

LaBoy slithered his way into asking Boosie about his Vlad TV comments regarding Lori Harvey and

her rumored "body count." Boosie had whined that women should not look up to Lori Harvey for "running through men." Instead, people should be praising the bachelors who run through women like Lori.

Boosie, who appeared reluctant to speak on his ridiculous remarks, still managed to stick his diabetic foot in his mouth. He told the two Justins that "I say what I mean, and I mean what I say," before comparing Lori Harvey to a car. Boosie, without any shame, said, "I don't want a car after it has 8 owners. I'm not gonna take it home to wash it the same. I'm not gonna love it the same."



Boosie comparing Lori Harvey to a car sounded so outdated that I immediately thought of The Color Purple. In one scene, Danny Glover's character, Mister, goes to the local preacher to ask to marry his

teenage daughter, Nettie. The preacher denies his request but says he can marry his older daughter, Celie.

The preacher described Celie as "not fresh"(not a virgin) and has been "spoiled" twice (had two kids). Celie had two kids by the age of 14 due to her father, the preacher, raping her. The preacher had Celie come out of the house and do a twirl, so "Mister" can have a look at her.

Just like in the movie, Boosie thinks of women as a possession, hence the car comparison. He puts a value on women based on how "fresh" or "unspoiled" he believes a woman to be. Boosie and men like him determine this "value" or level of respect women deserve based on their proximity to virginity. The closer a woman is to being a virgin, the more "respectable" she is. That is why his old ass is still worried about "body counts." Let's remember this is a man who hires hookers to spoil his underage son.

Rappers will tell you they want a lady in the streets but a freak in the bed when in reality they want a Celie in the streets and Suge Avery in the bed. A lot of these rappers are nothing but modern-day Misters, M-I-S-T-E-R, Mister. They want to purchase women, which is why their music and Instagrams highlight all they have to offer a woman - MONEY. In return, they expect obedience, no questions, and a woman is to have no ambitions of her own.


Music ShyFromDaTre - Go Bestfriend


Lori Harvey scares Boosie Badazz and men like him because she is a woman that does not give an fck if men view her as a virgin or a whore; saint or a sinner, wifey material, or spinster. She does not allow their narratives of her to dictate how she feels about herself. That is why Boosie, while speaking on Lori Harvey "running through" men, told Vlad, "I think we gotta stop giving the women the power with situations like

saweetie dumps Quavo and moves on like Lori Harvey

this." I think it's cute he thinks men are GIVING women any power.

Boosie's view of Lori Harvey is bigger than one man's view of one woman. His views represent the misogyny that is baked into Hip Hop culture, which is why the lyrics of female rappers or the nonchalant attitude Saweetie displayed after her break up with Quavo bothers so many men. The power their opinions once held is diminishing.


We now circle back to Future Hendrixx and his sad attempt to create a false narrative about Lori Harvey. While Boosie is in fear of losing "power," Future personally cannot accept that another woman left him and not only upgraded but left without having his child or a care in the world.



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