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Breonna Taylor stands strong on Vanity Fair's September issue "The Great Fire," guest-edited by

Ta-Nehisi Coates. Coates wrote:

"Whiteness thrives in darkness. It has to. It is fully permissible for a thousand Eric Garners to be TORTURED TO DEATH IN THE SHADOWS of the American carceral system, the most sprawling gulag known to man. And so evil does its business in the shadows, ever-fearing, not the heat of THE GREAT FIRE but the light. To clearly see what this country has done, what it is still doing, to construct itself is too much for any human to take. So it was with the slave narrative. So it is with the cell phone."

In this special edition of V.F., Breonna Taylor's mother tells her story, an oral history of the days following George Floyd's murder, and works of creatives who captured the spirit of the movement.

Let's not forget that there have been no arrests in the murder of Breonna Taylor.



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