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Brinx Billions $200 Million "Rich Sex" Lawsuit Against Nicki Minaj Dismissed With Prejudice




In January, rapper Brinx Billions sued Nicki Minaj for $200 million, claiming she "jacked" his song, Rich Sex, featuring Lil Wayne, and put it on her 2018 album, Queen. Brinx, a longtime friend of Minaj, claimed he was the sole author of the music and wanted his credit.

Well, according to court documents, last month, Brinx Billions, real name Jawara Headley, and Nicki Minaj reached an agreement, and the judge agreed to DISMISS THE CASE WITH PREJUDICE. That means that Brinx cannot sue Nicki Minaj over this issue again.

Irving is earning his money.

How much y'all think Brinx got on a scale from hard dick and some bubble gum to $200 million?


Brinx featured in Nicki Minaj's "My Time Again" documentary


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kbyte prez
kbyte prez
25 трав. 2021 р.

So he complained about not being credited but he had credit and a shout-out on the song.🤔🤔🤔 She probably gave him a little money just to be done with it like with that Tracey Chapman case (Nicki won the important part in that case pertaining to sampling music), cause the song didn't even chart high it peak at 56 on Billboard Hot 100. I agree Irving is definitely earning his keep, because the atmosphere around Nicki feels different and better. Sometimes I wonder if Nicki had Irving during the Queen Era would everything have played out the same????

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