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Can Naomi Sharon Still Be Successful After Drake Supposedly Confirms Affair On "Seeing Green?"


Last week, I reported on singer Naomi Sharon's fiance going public with allegations that Drake is the reason for their 8-year relationship ending. This week, conveniently on "Seeing Green," Drake mentions the rumor when he raps, "All meetings happen in person, so they can't prove nothin' / Known her eight years and still fuck her like a new husband."


While people will focus on helping spread the lure of Drake as a "ladies man," I am curious how can

Naomi Sharon survive these rumors?

She is a singer who was "flewed out" on business to do work on Certified Lover Boy and ended up in bed with Drake. If she happens to be on a hit song off the album, will the public be able to separate her success from the rumors that she slept with Champagne Papi?

Naomi Sharon in studio with drake



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