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Here Ole Girl goes playing with the Lord's name. Cardi B posted, "Just like he gave prophets in the Bible important titles to let the people know of his existence, I feel like he gave me fame to always let ya know that he is very much real. I'm not a saint now, and I sin, and MY ANGER MIGHT GET VIOLENT BUT I DON'T HAVE BAD INTENTIONS OR A FCK HEART and my heart is devoted to the Lord."

I wonder if lightning struck her ass? I cannot stand these "intention" muthafckaz. It's always these "I know

my intentions" or "I don't have bad intentions" clowns that always fck up other people's day, week, or life. These are the people that know they are assholes but have fooled themselves into believing that others have to accept their behavior. These are the people who are allergic to apologizes and then don't understand why people become allergic to forgiveness. You cannot just attack other people and then lean on your "good intentions." If your "good intentions" always lead to someone getting slandered or worse - hurt, then it's probably not "good intentions."

Also, why would she say that the Lord gave her "fame" to show us that he is real? That makes no sense. It would be the Lord gave her fame so she could be in a position to do XYZ to show he is real. She just thinks fame alone is supposed to show us that the Lord is real. It shows me the Devil is working hard this Friday. Y'all should avoid people who highlight their "intentions" over their actions.


48 LAWS OF POWER - LAW #27: Play on People’s Need to Believe to Create a Cult-like Following

Creating a cult-like following is an effective way to build and use power.  The benefits:

  • It opens up myriad opportunities for deception

  • It will increase your wealth

  • Your followers will defend you against your enemies

  • They’ll recruit others to join the cult, giving you even more power and wealth

  • They’ll treat you as one who can do no wrong, so you can get away with anything


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Aug 16, 2020

@Crystal, she has to be talking about Lucifer.


Crystal Smith
Crystal Smith
Aug 14, 2020

What lord she talmbout the devil

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