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Cardi B Is Mad That No One Respects Her Grammy Win


Cardi B stay bothered and highly unfavored on this Grammy nomination day.

I am convinced that the reason the rap album category looks the way it does is because of people really were pissed by her win and don't want a repeat. As someone tweeted, "They made sure all the rappers could rap."

Well, Ole Girl is back to justifying her Milli Vanilli win to herself...

I find it funny that Ole Girl doesn't understand that people just didn't want to get labeled a hater or worse -blackballed, so they congratulated her. For someone who calls people fake, she can't tell when they are being that way with her.

She really thinks her bloggers can shit on every other female's accomplisments and she not get spoke on? The least talented of them all...PURRRR.

I am so fck'n amused right now.


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