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Cardi B and Her Sister Hennessy Carolina Are Being Sued For Defamation By Hampton Beachgoers

TMuthafcknZ is reporting that Cardi B AKA Ole Girl, her sister Hennessy Carolina AKA Tap Water, and Tap Water's Girlfriend, Michelle Diaz, are being sued for defamation of character. How many active cases does Belcalis Almanzar have going at the moment because I am losing count?

The lawsuit stems from a Sept. 6th verbal altercation that Hennessy Carolina got into with some oldies at Smith Point Beach in the Hamptons. According to Hennessy, the oldies were being racist and harassing her girlfriend over a parking spot. Cardi B, trying to distract from Candace Owens "WAP'N" that ass, posted a video of Tap Water screaming at these beachgoers. Cardi B told her followers that these oldies are "Racist MAGA supporter" and that they were harassing her sister and girlfriend because they are an "Afro-Hispanic gay couple." The oldies claim that the video posted was edited to make them look racist. TMuthafcknZ did reach out to Ole Girl's people for a statement, so we should get an update by the end of the day.


Below is a recording of Hennessy and her girlfriend explaining their side of the story.

Let's wait and see if the Hispanic community comes out to support the girls.


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