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Cardi B and Offset Caught Tipping-Off Paparazzi To Their Location (UPDATED- Video Edited)

UPDATED: 7/23 at10:57 AM PST

I should have fck'n know. The Hollywood Fix edited their video and now you cannot hear Cardi B and Offset's bodyguard leaking their location. I try to embed videos, so the content creator gets their views, but when it comes to Cardi B, I should have known to record the shit.

If anyone has the original video, send it to me!!!!


Video via The Hollywood Fix


Lights, Camera, Action Cardi B, and Offset. It appears the Hip Hop couple, who both want to move into acting, decided to practice their improv while in West Hollywood.

Act 1-Scene 2: As the paparazzi "catches" them "shopping" for sunglasses, you can see them speaking to their bodyguard. The bodyguard leaves the view of the cameras, and Cardi B looks over at the Paps before quickly turning back to talk to Offset. At the 0:33 mark, you can hear their bodyguard ask a member of the paparazzi for his contact info and says, "we going other places tonight. We gonna have you pull up before we do." I-OOps!!!!

We all know that celebrities call the paps on themselves, but this is sloppy and embarrassing. I am beginning to think that Cardi B is no longer an A-lister.


What do y'all think about this?


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