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Cardi B Announces New Single "Hot Sh*t" On BET Awards


Cardi B announced her new single "Hot Sh*t," not Thot Shit, during the BET Awards via a commercial. The song is slated to drop July 1st, so we will see if she will have the song of what is left of the summer.

It will also be interesting to see if this song actually leads to an album. We know that Cardi had released lead singles, "WAP," and "UP" and then just decided to promote whip shots and Reeboks.

What are y'all thoughts?


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Stream movie by Megan thee stallion ft lil

Replying to



I think it sounds really similar to movie by Megan. I know they have the same producer but they even had the same ad libs. But I hope the single and everything works out for her

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