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Cardi B At Law Tries To Prove That People Lie On Celebrities

The most miserable rapper on the planet, Cardi B, is again defending Offset's name over rumors he got some girl pregnant. She went on IG Live to prove that people make up stories about celebrities. Really, bitch?

What I want to know is why is she keeping this story alive? Does she need this story to be active for a song

or something? This would have died, except for her constant whining. If Offset doesn't care, why do you, boo? Offset cheating or having a baby with another woman is probably not good for him in a divorce proceeding, so wouldn't he be out here defending his name if it were that important?

Anyways, Ole Girl shows messages sent to a Youtube blogger, Candice, who does DM with Cardi. If you are familiar with that channel, it shouldn't be a shock that Ole Girl got these messages so she can put on this show. I had to laugh when she was crying about people "making up whole fake stories and fake scenarios." should know something about that!


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