Cardi B Blocks Fan Page And Tells BardiGang To Eat D*ck

Cardi B as Angel and Devil
Public Cardi Vs Real Cardi

I was minding my busssssiness, and I get a message that Ole Girl blocked one of her biggest fan pages and told bardigang to suck her d*ck. She is still mad that her fans are concerned about her getting back with Offset. What her fans should be concerned with is that she thinks filing fake divorces for sympathy is cute. While Bardigang is worried about Offset mentally abusing and manipulating Ole Girl, they need to worry about her mentally abusing and manipulating them. Ole Girl feels so comfortable going off her fans because she knows she doesn't need to rely on "STANs" for her success. As long as the industry feels there is a need to blackball a certain rapper, she is Gucci.

Get y'all 🍿 out.



Daily Tea Talks...


Nicki, Meg, Mulatto...etc. may see their streams increase because there is bardi-exit happening.


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