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Cardi B Can't Wait To Remind Haters Next Year

Cardi B Tells Twitter She Will Remind Them Next Year When She Drops Her Album


The YT Latinos champ, Cardi B, tweeted, "Y'all talking to(o) heavy on this app...I can't wait to remind y'all next year!." Ole Girl loves doing these types of tweets and then delays her album because she doesn't have enough club bangers, LOL. I

What is it y'all think she will remind us of? Will she remind me that she can't rap...????


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Cardi go forth and be great. No one is talking about you. Continue to make your money moves.


Dec 11, 2021

No one is talking about this lady. And if they are then it’s the SAME group that always do. She need to stop searching her name. People no longer have to be stuck on 1 rap girl. They have plenty of options.

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